I am Andrew Cairns, the owner of A C Models and below you can read a little about how I got into modelling and where my passion for this ‘art’ comes from.

I first began modelling as a kid sharing the hobby with my father especially after receiving a block of plasticene one Christmas and modelling little figures.

Researching topics is always an interesting and important part of creating a sculpture, and along with this I get the chance to work with other modellers from around the world and sharing our ideas.

… I also gain an immense satisfaction  and pleasure in sculpting because:

  • It must be the only hobby where art and engineering can co exist.
  • Needs good practical skills and problem solving.
  • Sculpting is a discipline.
  • Requires attention to detail

As a modeller I hope to be able to show and even share some of the processes I go through here on my website as I go about creating new models, busts and kits for my customers and that you will come back often to see progress and perhaps share the enjoyment of my hobby too.