Welcome to A C Models.

On this website you can see A C Model’s catalogue of figurines of various scales, mainly from the 20th century and especially model kits from the two world wars, but with some more modern day war themes as well like Afghanistan and Vietnam.

While we all know that bronzed warriors sell well, you won’t necessarily find them here because  I like to build a character into my sculptures; something that tells a story about the subject and my personal preference is to create an ordinary person and put them into a situation to bring out their character or to portray their reaction to adversity or something stressful.

This means that with A C Models sculpting, research plays an important role, because with the more information you get, the more accurate your sculpt will be. In fact sculpting can only be the tip of the iceberg sometimes, as my initial research for a model will usually lead to a wealth of historical data and new knowledge beneath it.

The advantage for modelling enthusiasts is that I get immense satisfaction from building model kitsets. Recreating the past (in scale), gives me great satisfaction both aesthetically and technically in what must be the only hobby where art and engineering can co-exist. You benefit by being able to buy my model kits and create your own bit of history and artistic pleasure too!

Please browse through my model kitset collections in the portfolio section – make sure you click the photos for a better view, and then find a distributor near you where you can buy my models, as well as see some of my new modelling projects in development as I blog about my latest creations.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or  would like to stock my models.